Arena del sole theatre

Piazza Garibaldi, 24 - 43010 - Roccabianca (PR)

Phone: +39 0521876165

Arena del Sole Roccabianca


The theatre opened the 29th of September 1946, with the performance of the Barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini and the voice of the famous baritone who came from the Bassa land, Rinaldo Pelizzoni from Sissa.

The theatre was for Doct. Enzo Tomasinelli, a reknowned dentist and owner of estates and lands in Roccabianca, the realization of a dream: he wanted to build the structure, initially as an outdoor arena, for drama and music performances, then it was covered and adapted to become a cinema, available also for drama theatre and ballroom.

What is peculiar about the theatre of Roccabianca are nine statues of the lost monument erected by the city of Parma to the memory of Giuseppe Verdi created by the sculptor Ximenes.

Doctor Tomasinelli saved the least damaged statues from the ruins of the monument destroyed, he fixed them up and put them in the theatre, framing them in triple ogive arched iron tubes, testimony of the tastes of that age, but most of all of the affection and consideration that he felt for those finds, that he proudly showed to the audiences of that times.

Cinema crisis and the economical decadence of Roccabianca signed the end of the Arena del Sole, last witness of the cultural world of the village, that became a storage place for furniture, then a gym, then it was definetely shut down in the year 1995.

The theatre can host up to four hundred people plus a gallery and it is without architectonical barriers; it is ideal for multiple activities such as theatre performances, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and it is open to everyone with priority given to the Municipalities of the Terre Verdiane.