Sanctuary of Careno

Careno - 43047 - Pellegrino Parmense (PR)

Phone: +39 05252599

Opening times

open the first Sunday of the month from 3pm, with Mass at 4pm and the last Sunday of month with Mass at 10am.
For group visits on other days a reservation is required by calling Mr. Costa tel.+39 052464123 or +39 3338736995.


free entrance

Santuario di Careno


Santuario di Careno

The first news of the Monastery and the church of Santa Cristina in the Careno mountain are dated back in 926. The dating of the ancient building is not definited and today it is probably in the apse of the Sanctuary.

Around the fifteenth-century the nave was modified and extended with aisles. Later, in theeighteenth-century are dated the paintings and side arcade.
Last restoration works on the facade are dated at the beginning of twentieth-century. The Sanctuary is dedicated to Beata Vergine: the statue on 15 August is carried in procession to bless the fields and in the folk she is known as Madonna dei matti for the prayers for nervous diseases.
Since ancient times pilgrims went to the Sanctuary. In occasion of the feast dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, Ferragosto, people get together here like ancient pilgrims.