San Martino parish church

Via San Martino, 15 - 43029 - Traversetolo (PR)

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Pieve di San Martino Traversetolo


The Parish Church of St. Martin was mentioned for the first time in the deed of gift of bishop Sigifredo II on 11 June 1005, signed by Gerardus S. Martini.
We learn from the Rotulus Decimarum of 1230 that the chapels of Guardasone, Vignale, Bottone, Torre, Sivizzano, Cazzola, Rivalta were under this parish church.
The original church was rebuilt for the first time in the 15th century, and again in 1929.

Medieval features remain in a sandstone lunetta, now placed on the smaller portal of the facade. This 12th century sculpture riminds us of one of the most meaningful Romanesque topics, the symbolic representation of the struggle between the good and the evil: two lions, symbols of Christs power, facing each other, are seizing two snakes, symbols of the evil and the demon, woven to each other with spiral tails. Oddly, the lions put a back leg on a flower with six petals, heritage of the ornamental tradition of the late medieval period.