Parish church of Talignano

Talignano - 43038 - Sala Baganza (PR)

Phone: +39 0521331342 (Tourist office of Sala Baganza) - 3661510152

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free entrance; entrance with guided tour € 2,00.

Pieve Talignano


Pieve di Talignano facciata

Immersed in the Boschi di Carrega park, is the hamlet of Talignano where the Romanesque parish church dedicated to San Biagio bishop and martyr is located.
It was built between 1100 and 1200 by Cistercian monks, for travelers or pilgrims who chose the hilly route of the Via Francigena.
It is said that the Via Francigena here had an important branch useful for the rainy seasons, in the very frequent floods and overflows in those times, which obstructed the main road downstream. A document from 1230 shows that the church was already paying tithes to the Citeaux Abbey in France, the order’s mother house. In the houses to the right of the façade of the Pieve there is still an underground underpass which testifies, according to many scholars, that there were nearby accommodations and also a hostel, which the monks had built to give material as well as moral and spiritual assistance to pilgrims who passed through the Via Francigena.
In fact, the winter variant of the famous route after Collecchio went up to Talignano, Segalara, La Fornace, Vizzola, then Riccò and Fornovo.
The church is Romanesque: this is confirmed by the square bell tower, the gabled façade and the lunette with Psicostasi (weighing of souls).