Parish church of Santa Maria

43029 - Neviano degli Arduini (PR)

Phone: +39 0521846104

Opening times

open from June to beginning November every Sunday and festivities from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Masses at 5.30pm on festivities.


free entrance

Pieve di Sasso abside


Pieve di Sasso facciata

The parish church Santa Maria di Sasso was first mentioned in the deed of gift signed by bishop Sigifredo II in 1005 and a scroll dating back to 1230 reports that thirteen chapels of the province were under its jurisdiction, suggesting its importance at that time.

The church, rising isolated on a hill and facing east-west, is built with stone ashlars and is covered with slates.

On the facade long pilasters correspond to the inner structure, a nave and two aisles. Above the door are a mullion and a greek-cross shaped opening. A sequence of little hanging arches runs along the roof of the nave and goes on along the aisles.
Annexed to the church is a later building, used as sacristy. The church ends with three apses with hanging arches alternating with pilasters. The inner space is divided into two sequences of stone pillars with rough capitals supporting six arcades. The ceiling is made of wooden trusses.

In 1950, during restoration works, the floor was lowered again to its original level and a new pulpit and altar were built. Because of its basilical structure and its architectural elements, typical of medieval art, we can date the church back to the 11th century and, though there are no document to prove it, the tradition says that this Pieve was committed by Matilde of Canossa around 1115.