Old benedectine Grancia

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Antica grancia benedettina esterno


Antica Grancia benedettina

This country yard, once belonging to a monastery, was also called Grancia. In the Middle Age a Grancia was actually a Benedectine farm with its own administration and economy.

As the name derives from the latin word granum (wheat), it probably pointed out a warehouse for cereals. The Grancia still includes the latin cross church of St Salvatore, finely decorated by Jacopo Loschi which worked also in Parma and Torrechiara (1490). Entering in the church, on the left are visible l’annunciazione, la nascita di Gesù, Madonna allattante and S. Lucia.

The Grancia still includes a manor dating back to 18th century.In the court there is the Holiday farm Antica Grancia.