Church of Santo Stefano

Terenzo - 43040 - Terenzo (PR)

Phone: +39 0525527225

Opening times

the church is generally closed, to visit it call the attendant tel. +39 0525527225 at least one day before.


free entrance

Chiesa di Santo Stefano Terenzo Fornovo


Church records reveal the existence of Santo Stefano, belonging to the Cathedral of Parma, since 1141.

After a landslide almost destroyed it in 1294, the church was entirely rebuilt and still mixes architectural features dating from 14th century, for instance the bell tower, to 18th century, as the side chapels.

In 1355, on his way along the Via Francigena, Emperor Carlo IV had a chapel dedicated to Saint Mary built in the church. A precious bronze and copper cross once in the treasure of this imperial chapel is now kept at the Bishop’s palace in Parma.