Baptistery of Serravalle

Serravalle - 43040 - Varano de' Melegari (PR)

Opening times

the baptistery is closed to visits.

Battistero di Serravalle


Battistero di Serravalle interno

The baptistery, dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries, is located near the Church of San Lorenzo and might be the oldest Christian monument in the territory. The building, with an octagonal design, has a diameter of seven and a half meters and it’s five meters tall and was built with local materials.

Visible from the outside are four splayed single-lancet windows and archivolt, with different dimensions in regards to the other and an access oranto portal from a riddle. Surrounding the building stands out a colonnade of the Tuscan order.
The inside of the baptistery preserves cylindrical and square columns, situated in the corners. A volatile acephalous and a human head are sculpted on a capital, while on the shaft of a column rests a simple cross. Similar decorations, with an Antelamic flavour, are more recent with respect to the baptistery from at least the 12th-13th centuries.