Badia Cavana (San Basilide Abbey)

San Michele Cavana - 43037 - Lesignano de' Bagni (PR)

Phone: +39 0521350103

Opening times

Open every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm, with guided tours every 30 minutes.
Reservations are required.
Tel. 338.6310900 – 328.7375189 – 338.4336671


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Situated a few kilometres from Lesignano de’ Bagni, once the Church of S. Baslilide, it was founded on a green hill around the year 1111 by San Bernardo degli Uberti, the Bishop of Parma.

The narthex remains from the original design, which can be traced back to the start of  the 12th century, where the presence of the noteworthy sandstone capitals, with symbols of the evangelists and intertwining fauna, stand out.  Even the cloisters, that preserved their original design, go back to the 12th century.
Tradition states that the crypt contains the remains of S. Basilide. The simplicity of the Romanesque style and the bareness of the sandstone, together with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, make this sacred place particularly impressive.  La Badia is today dedicated to Saint Michael.