Rocca Meli Lupi

Piazza Meli Lupi, 5 - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Phone: +39 0524597978

Opening times

The castle is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 5.30pm* (*starts the last guided tour)
Compulsory booking at or tel. +39 0524597978-597964.


full ticket € 9,00
groups (min. 15 people) and over 65 € 8,00
students (up to 18 years) € 5,00
kids € 4,00
disabled € 3,00
free under 6.
Guided tours in english or french are available with a supplement.

Rocca Melu Lupi Soragna


Rocca Meli Lupi Sala Grottesche

Situated between the river Po and the river Stirone, the perfectly preserved fortress of Soragna is one of the most magnificent in the valley. The residence of the Meli Lupi family for centuries, it still shows the features of a fine mansion of 16th, 17th and 18th century.

Access is across a masonry bridge and through a neoclassical entrance leading into a square courtyard, embellished by four 18th century statues and linked to an English-style garden by a long room called Bocchirale. Interiors boast frescoes by C. Baglione, G. Campi, G. Bolla, Ferdinando and Francesco Bibiena, rich furniture, a Madonna with Child painted by Ludovico Brea, still lifes by F. Boselli and mythological subjects by A. Appiani.

After a restoration in 1770, the Poets’ Gallery decorated by G. Motta and the Bibiena brothers, portraying ancient poets togheter with landscapes and mythological scenes, was brought back to light.

The access for disabled is partially possible, only the ground floor is easily accessible.

Animals can enter only if small, carried in someone’s arms or in a carrier.