Castle of Pellegrino Parmense

Via Roma, 20 - 43047 - Pellegrino Parmense (PR)

Phone: +39 0524594665

Opening times

the castle is private and it’s open for groups only by pre booking.


In the year 981 Pellegrino was handed over by Emperor Ottone II as a marquisate to Albert of Baden, progenitor of the Pallavicino family who starded the building of the castle: a mighty fortalice which from the summit of a hill dominates the village. In 1198 the castle was rebuilt by Guglielmo Pallavicini and from this moment on the history of the village was linked to the history of the manor.

The domineering structure of the castle with its Cyclopian walls protecting it against external attacks, made the castle legendary over the years for the steadfastness with which it withstood several attacks. Its nvincibility came to an end in 1428 due to the wiles of Niccolò Piccinino, a commander of fortune from Perugia sent by the Visconti, who retained possession of the castle and handed it down to his children. In 1742 it passed to the Fogliani and subsequently to the Meli Lupi of Soragna. These continued transfers of ownership took their toll on the state of preservation of the fortalice and at the beginning of the Second World War, stripped of all its beauty, it was used by the germans as an observation tower and a base for large assemblages of troops.

Recently restored by private investors, it has been returned to its original splendour. On the facade of the manor house walled-up mullioned windows and Ghibelline battlements bear witness to the numerous transformations that have marked its history. Now it’s a private residence.