Stuard Gallery

Borgo Del Parmigianino, 2 - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 0521508184

Opening times

Open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 5.30pm (last entrance at 5pm); saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 6.30pm (last entrance at 6pm). Closed on Tuesday.
Maximum capacity 40 people per hour.


free entrance.
An audioguide is available for the visit, in Italian, English and French, the price is € 2,00.

Stuard Chiostro


Stuard Galleria

This art gallery houses the most important private collection in the city, more than 270 paintings from the 14th to the 19th century, left in 1834 by will by Giuseppe Stuard to the Congregation of San Filippo Neri. Archaeological finds, frescoes, engravings, paintings, sculptures, medals, furniture and objects.

Entrance to the gallery, including primitive Tuscan paintings by Bernardo Daddi, Paolo di Giovanni Fei, Bicci di Lorenzo, Giovanni di Francesco and Pietro di Giovanni d’Ambrogio, is from the Sacellum of San Paolo.

On display also the Emilian school of 17th century, boasting paintings by Sebastiano Ricci, Guercino, Bartolomeo Schedoni and Giovanni Lanfranco.

On January 13 new opened of the itinerary with paintings from the Town Hall: Cristo e la Cananea by Annibale Carracci, Apelle che ritrae Campaspe alla presenza di Alessandro Magno by Mattia Preti, Ritratto di Ranuccio II Farnese and Ritratto di Isabella d’Este by Frans Denys, Paesaggio con cavalieri by Ilario del San Giovanni Evangelista by Giovanni Riccò, Fior di loto and Esodo by Amedeo Bocchi.

In the first floor some painting from Eighteenth century have been addicted, as works by Enrico Bandini and Giovan Battista Borghesi, masterpieces by local paintings as  Guido and Giulio Carmignani, Alberto Pasini, Claudio Alessandri, Luigi Marchesi, Enrico Sartori, Deogratias Lasagna, Carlo Rimondi, Daniele De Strobel, Giorgio Scherer, Enrico Barbieri, Cecrope Barilli; in the last room a rich selection of paintings by Amedeo Bocchi.

In the Stuard gallery continues with Il Lussemburgo by Filippo De Pisis, the event “Pietro’s paintings. Masterpieces from tre Barilla Modern Art Collection” by Giancarlo Gonizzi with Munizipality of Parma and Barilla familiy. In the next months on display will be works by: Atanasio Soldati, Chaim Soutine, Max Ernst, Giorgio Morandi, Fernand Léger, Ennio Morlotti, Renato Guttuso, Jean Dubuffet, Lucio Fontana and Pablo Picasso.

Every weekend the Stuard gallery organizes a workshop for kids on Saturday afternoon and a guided tour, a guided tour also on Sunday afternoon. All these events are free of charge (now currently suspended due to a pandemic emergency). For details and hours, check with the museum.