Oratory of St Ilario

Via D'Azeglio, 43 - 43125 - Parma (PR)

Opening times

the oratory is open on the occasion of the Saint Patron, January 13th.


free entrance


Oratorio di Sant'Ilario

This small oratory, part of a larger structure called Ospedale Vecchio, is dedicated to St Ilario, the patron saint of Parma.
Built in 1663 at the will of Don Francesco Roncaglia, it is divided into three aisles separated by pillared columns with stucco grooves.
17th century frescoes  by G. M. Conti della Camera in the lunettes depict fruits, floral decorations and figures of Saints and Blessed. To the left of the main altar is the sepulchre of the founder of the Hospital of Mercy, Rodolfo Tanzi; the stucco work statues are by Domenico Reti, who is also the author other noteworthy stucco works in the Oratory.