Oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Borgo Delle Grazie, 3 - 43125 - Parma (PR)

Opening times

the oratory is closed for visits. It is open only in case of events.

Oratorio Santa Maria delle Grazie


Oratorio di Santa Maria delle Grazie

Built between 1617 and 1644 in order to house the image of a miracolous 16th century Madonna of the Grace, still hanging on the altar, the oratory was designed in Baroque style by G.B.Magnani and G.Rainaldi.

Shaped around a central plan, it boasts Rococo decorations and frescoed by Sebastiano Galeotti painted in 1715 as well as panels by F.Natali and pendentives by Sebastiano Galeotti with trompe-l’oeil perspectives and fictive architecture. Two side chapels house two paintings dating back to the 18th century.