Church of St Antonio Abate

Strada della Repubblica, 54/A - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 0521233801

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The church is open from Monday to Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.


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Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate


Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate volta

Founded by the monks of St. Antonio in 1402, the church of St. Antonio Abate was designed by Ferdinando Bibiena and built in two different times. Works actually begun under the direction of master builders Cristoforo and Angelo Bettoli in 1712, but were interrupted two years later and started again in 1759 by Gaetano Ghidetti, who made little changes to Bibiena’s project, adjusting it to the times. The facade was executed by Francesco Albertolli.

The church can be considered a masterpiece of Italian Barocchetto, boasting an elegant and peculiar interior wheras the double vault of the ceiling creates a picturesque and spectacular effect.
The ornamental decorations covering the walls were painted by Gaetano Ghidetti between 1760-64, while the figures are by the abbot Giuseppe Peroni. Carlo Bossi and Giovanni Ghezzi worked on the stuccoes. Along the walls, angels holding up chandeliers were carved and gilded by Francesco Zurlini, while the panels of the Way of the Cross by Emilio Trombara only date back to 1909.