War memorial

Strada Melloni - 43121 - Parma (PR)

War memorial


War memorial

It was Mario Monguidi to turn the ancient tower of St. Paul into a war monument dedicated to those who died in all the wars, with no radical modifications, but overlapping wisely the new elements to the preexisting architectural structure.

Its main constitutive elements are: the great tombstone of white Verona marble with an epigraph dictated by the Parmesan poet Jacopo Bocchialini; the five heads crowned of barbed wire, to the memory of the soldiers in the trenches, made by Luigi Froni; the votive lamp; the kneeling statue representing the Italian line; the medallions with the weapons’ symbols, work of Brozzi and the cell with the great bell.

The monument is located at the bottom of Via Cavour, at the corner with Via Melloni and it is one of the city points in which the crowns of laurel are deposed on the Day of the fallen.

On the occasion of important celebrations of our recent history a laurel wreath is laid on the monument.