Town hall palace

Strada della Repubblica, 1/A - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 05212181

Palazzo del Comune Parma


Sala del Consiglio Comunale

Standing on the south side of Garibaldi square, the massive brick built building, now housing the Town hall, designed by the Parmesan architect G.B Magnani in 1623 and completed in 1673, reminds us in the motif, cavities and panels of the Renaissance Farnese Palace in Piacenza. The Council Hall was frescoed by Girolamo Magnani and Cecrope Barilli in 1885-86. On display in the interior, noteworthy pictures by Bernardino and Girolamo Gatti, Annibale Carracci and Ilario Spoverini.

Beside the building stands a monument to Correggio by Agostino Ferrarini, erected in 1870, while a 19th century fountain designed by Paolo Toschi is on the opposite side, surmounted by a bronze group of the 17th century by the flemish sculptor Teodoro Vandersturck. The original one is now in the inner court of The House of Music.