San Lazzaro arch

Via Emilia Est - 43123 - Parma (PR)

Arco di San Lazzaro Parma


Standing at the eastern border of the town, the triumphal arch was designed by Giambattista Magnani.

Giulio Cesare Amidano, together with Giovanni Lippi, Alessandro Giacardi, Annibale Bertoia and Agostino Salmi, decorated it with baroque paintings and stuccos depicting the most important events in the history of Parma.
When Elisabetta Farnese married Philip V of Spain in 1714, the arch was restored and all the stuccos and decorations were wiped out.

A century later, on the occasion of Napoleon I visit to Parma (1805), the arch was altered once again with flags and trophies.
In 1825, when emperor Francesco I came to town to meet Marie Louise from Austria, the arch was decorated for the last time by Gian Battista Borghesi.

The arch was built for the wedding of Odoardo Farnese and Margherita de Medici.