Riserva palace or central post office

Strada Melloni, 4/C - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Palazzo della Riserva o delle poste


Palazzo della Riserva o delle poste interno

This great building, bounded by Piazza della Pace, Via Pisacane, Strada Cavour and Via Melloni, including since 1909 the Palace of the Poste, originally consisted of various houses in the middle of which stood the parish church of St. Michele del Pertugio. The church was demolished in 1653 and replaced by the Teatro Ducale in 1687, designed by Stefano Lolli and Domenico Valmagini, where nowadays is located the ceatral post office of the town.

The building, called Riserva during the Borbone rule when it used to host important guests of the court, also included apartments for the court and the Casino for the nobles and courtiers. Today the palace houses the central Post office, the Parma Literary society and the Museum Glauco Lombardi dedicated to Marie Louise from Austria.