Rangoni Farnese palace

Strada della Repubblica, 39/A - 43121 - Parma (PR)

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The palace is not open for visits.

Palazzo Rangoni Farnese


Palazzo Rangoni Farnese

Now the seat of the prefecture, this palace was bought in 1572 by Count Giulio Rangoni, lord of Roccabianca, from Bartolomeo Cantelli. In 1690 the building became the residence of the Farnese princes and their coat of arms can still be seen on the entrance portal. After the death of Ludovico IV (1762), the last of the Rangoni of Roccabianca, the building became the property of the Ducal Chamber who restored it in 1767.

The present features of the palace date back to the end of the 17th century, thanks to Giovan Battista Barberini and Ferdinando Bibiena. The façade is made of 16th century terracotta ledges and plinths and elegant windows with cornices and stucco. A balustrade balcony is held up by heavy corbels.

The palace hosts the Prefettura.