Pigorini Palace

Strada della Repubblica, 29/A - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 0521218967

Opening times

the palace is open only for temporary exhibitions.

Palazzo Pigorini


soffitto  Palazzo Pigorini

Records of the original layout of Pigorini palace in the Sardi Atlas (1767) show it not too different from today, even though the building was probably built much earlier in time. The palace is actully a small house with a courtyard and corridor providing access to the stairway and originally had a portico along two sides.

Recent restoration works have discovered stone columns in the walls on the first floor, evidence of an ancient loggia.On the first floor, the piano nobile overlooking Strada Repubblica, vaults are decorated with precious frescoes attributed to Francesco Scaramuzza (1803-1886), depicting Night and the Apotheosis of the poet Angelo Mazza, crowned by the Muses of Harmony.

But the fame of this ancient building is mainly linked to the people who lived here: the poet Angelo Mazza (1741 – 1817) and the explorer Vittorio Bottego (1860 – 1897), commemorated by two marble plaques on the main façade.In the first decades of the 20th century, after changing owner several times, the palace was bought by Adriana Pigorini Lusignani, who bequeathed it in her will to the Municipality of Parma.

In order to tranform the palace into a venue for exhibitions, the Parma Municipality carried out accurate works of renovation and restoration including safety devices, a lift, partial modifications of the floors with ramps allowing access to everybody. Since November 1996, the building houses temporary exhibitions organized by the Municipality of Parma.