Piazza Ghiaia

43121 - Parma (PR)


Piazza Ghiaia

Since 1232 the market by the river is one of the most characteristic places in town, now including the largest covered market in the city and rows of stalls selling all sorts of things, from household goods to clothes or fruit, vegetables and flowers.

In the past, criminals were sent to the gallows in the square and Pier Luigi Farnese placed the public slaughterhouse near the church of St Bartolomeo.
Between 1836 and 1838 the Beccherie, featuring an elegant doric portico designed by Nicola Bettoli, were built on the west side of the square.
The staircase made of Verona marble, linking the market to Via Mazzini, dates back to 1856.

Now the Ghiaia has been restaured to transform the area with an iron and glass cover for cultural and commercial activities.

The traditional marketplace of the city centre has been restored.