Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale

Parco Ducale, 87/A - 43125 - Parma (PR)

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Parco Ducale Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale


Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale

The Palazzetto Eucherio San Vitale, built in 1520, is a remarkable example of Reinassance architecture. It is an H shaped building, with four corner towers connected by loggias and windows decorated with sandstone candlesticks.

In the interior, recent retoration works have revealed fragments of 16th century frescoes by Parma school artists, depicting landscapes and still lifes. Among them, a cycle of the Stories of the Virgin painted by Cosimo da Piazza and a Madonna and Child, probably an early work by Parmigianino.