National Academy of Arts and Archive

Viale Toschi, 1 - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 0521282270

Opening times

Open on reservation tel. +39 3497853809 or +39 335333309.


The Academy, originally a private school called Lombarda, was recognized in 1752 by Don Philip of Bourbon and turned into an Academy in 1757.
Distinguished artists and architects such as Petitot, Boudard, Peroni, Bresciani, Baldrighi, Du Bois and Ravenet were among the teachers of the Academy, which promoted between 1759 and 1796 competitions of paintings and architecture. In 1771 even Francisco Goya applied, but the competition was won by Paolo Borroni.

Abolished during the french rule (1802 – 1815), the Academy was reopened on March 22nd 1816 by Maria Luigia, the second wife of Napoleon who had become Duchess of Parma. Nowadays, the aim of the Academy, as written on the last charter in 1973, is to increase the artistic culture and the arts. Moreover, besides housing many paintings of parmesan 19th century artists, the academy preserves an important Archive.