Ex pharmacy of St Filippo Neri

Vicolo San Tiburzio, 5 - 43121 - Parma (PR)

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It is possible to visit the Antica Farmacia San Filippo Neri and Oratorio San Tiburzio via a guided tour.
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Ex Farmacia San Filippo Neri


Ex Farmacia San Filippo Neri Parma

At the beginning of XVI Century Franciscan friar Francesco da Meda found the Congregation of Charity to help poor people.

The Pharmacy of San Filippo Neri was built and it is as today in the year 1789. It is located inside Palazzo San Tiburzio, which since 1588 is the seat of the Congregation of Charity, an organization born to give help to people in need of Parma.
In 1652, the Congregation decided to found its own pharmacy, which was exclusively intended to produce medicines for the sick poor of Parma, always free of charge.
This type of assistance continued uninterrupted until the birth of the National Health Service in the second half of the twentieth century, when by then the charity had moved its activity especially in assistance to the elderly.

The historic Pharmacy of Palazzo San Tiburzio functioned as a galenic laboratory for 177 years, until 1966, when it was moved to via Cavour and than it is private.

Next to the pharmacy there was an oratory dedicated to St. Philip Neri, the official seat of the Congregation of Charity, where every Sunday the congregation gathered to give economic aid to the poor. Only the vestibule remains of this space. This space was restored in 1956 and again in the summer of 2018, to favor its opening to the public.

Inside the Ex Farmacia of Congregazione della Carità San Filippo Neri there are two big rooms. The ceiling of the entrance is frescoed and in the wall there are memorial tablets of XVII Century. From this room there is an access to the court, there was garden many years ago. In the access there is an artistic radiator, rare example of building archaeology.