Ducal palace

Parco Ducale, 3 - 43121 - Parma (PR)

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closed to visitors.

Palazzo Ducale


Palazzo Ducale interno

An avenue through the park and four 18th century statues by J.B. Boudard lead to the ducal residence. Created by Vignola in 16th century for Ottavio Farnese, it was later transformed and enlarged by Ennemond Petitot in the 18th century by adding four corner pavillions.

The palace, which nowadays houses the Carabinieri offices, is frescoed in the Mannerist style with 18th century stucco-works. A monumental staircase leads to the Sala degli uccelli or Bird Room, named after the stucco decoration by Benigno Bossi representing 224 birds of different species against the blue barrel-vaulted ceiling.

The Sala di Alcina contains the oldest fresco in the palace, a cycle dating back to 1568 based on book VII of Orlando Furioso. The Sala del Bacio or Room of Kiss was probably frescoed by Bertoja after 1570, drawing inspiration from Orlando innamorato by Boiardo. There is also a smaller Sala di Erminia and a Sala dell’Amore, which was almost certainly designed by Agostino Carracci in 1601, even though he only executed the scenes depicting the allegories of Love.