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Anima di Parma

You can’t visit Parma without taking home a yummy souvenir, like a piece of Parmigiano cheese or some cold cuts. Here is an itinerary in the historical center along which you’ll see the most significant and fascinating places, with gourmet stops to buy, taste and why not, smell.

On Piazza Garibaldi at the Tourist office you can have a free map to start your itinerary, when you exit, turn left on Via Farini, a pedestrian road with little side streets sfull of bars, wine bars, trattorias and shops.
On the righ side you’ll soon meet the gastronomic jewels displayed in the of  La Prosciutteria di Silvano Romani, where it is possible to buy the Ham of Parma 22-24 months of aging, cheese (sweet, spicy, soft or aged), Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (24/30 months, Stravecchio, Mezzano, Vacche rosse, Bruna Alpina), cold cuts (Culatello of Zibello, Salame Felino, Coppa of Parma, Fiocco of Culatello, Strolghino of Culatello, Spalla Cotta), Wines of the hills of Parma and some Balsamic vinegars, oil, pasta, rice, sauces, vegetables in oil, honey and desserts. All the products may be tasted cooked at the near Degusteria Romani.
Strada Luigi Carlo Farini, 9/c Parma
tel. +39 0521234188

Get back on Piazza Garibaldi then turn right on Strada della Repubblica, strolling along the road on the left side you’ll find Salumeria Parmagustibus, a historical delicatessen shop with a selection of high quality typical products. Here there is the best of the Parma gastronomy and many other yummy things. Besides the cold cuts typical of the territory, above all the Prosciutto di Parma, the Salame Felino and the famous Culatello, they also sell fresh home made pasta as tortelli d’erbette and the local anolini.
Don’t forget to take a loof at the shelves displaying wines, either with a Malvasia or a Rosso dei Colli you’ll be satisfied.
Strada della Repubblica, 54/a Parma
tel. +39 0521231296

Now go back along Strada Repubblica and turn righ on borgo XX Marzo, a marvellous alley that takes you to Piazza Duomo, right behind the Baptistery, before getting to the amazing Romanesque square,  take a break and a few steps to enter the Tcafé, inside the Dalla Rosa Prati Prati, a historical residence that, in addition to magnificent rooms for rent and a caf, has a shop of food products, the Tgusto. Here you can find a selection of the best typical products of Parma: the Prosciutto di Parma aged 24 and 36 months that you can buy whole or in pieces vacum packed, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 30 and 36 months. Cold cuts as Culatello, Coppa, Salame Felino, Culatello con Cotenna, Strolghino. Gravies and balsamic vinegar 12, 20 and 25 years and wines as Lambrusco and Malvasia. Not only from the region but also from abroad.
Strada al Duomo, 7 Parma
tel. +39 0521386429

From Piazza Duomo cross Via Cavour and go onto Strada Pisacane, where is the beautiful café Anima di Parma. From the passion of 4 generations of bakers, butchers and pastry chefs, a new way of living the flavours of our territory. The best from San Biagio Bakery, Parma KM0 products, organic and controlled.
Via Pisacane, 14 Parma
tel. +39 05211404427

Exit from Anima di Parma and turn left to reach Strada Garibaldi in the pedestrian area, from there, look left and you’ll see the Regio theatre, in front of you there is a tiny cute shop, Pane e strolghino. A small treasure chest full of the flavors of the Food Valley: from the original Strolghino, to the Felino PGI and to the typical Parma salami, but also fresh news such as tasty and light sandwiches, fruit juices and fresh sauces. An ideal place for a quick but tasty stop.
Strada Garibaldi, 11/C
tel. +39052163883

If you’re in Parma on a Tuesday or Saturday, go to Piazzale San Bartolomeo every Tuesday morning and on Saturday morning right across the river on via Imbriani, beside the Church of Annunziata, there are the markets of farmers and producers, the best way to buy the products of the territory, fresh, seasonal, natural and km0.