The city of women

Parma (PR)


An itinerary in the historical center of Parma through the places where women made history.

10 places in town, significant for the history of women in Parma, indicated with panels – boards that allow to discover and aknowledge the subject and visit indipendently the itinerary, through an application for smartphone or tablet.

Ten panels scattered in town have a QRcode to download the App from which users can download pictures, videos, analysis of the 19th century workers, the first women elected in the Municipal counselor in 1946, the subversives during the fascist regime or the feminists of the 70s, the partisans or the women of the 80s who founded the Anti violence association.

The 10 stops:

1 – Via Costituente, 4b
2 – P.le Bertozzi / Via Imbriani
3 – B.go Marodolo, 1
4 – V.lo S. Maria, 6
5 – Str. dei Farnese (Tower)
6 – Via XX Settembre, 31
7 – B.go S. Anna, 22
8 – Via Petrarca, 15
9 – B.go Felino, 36
10 – B.go Tommasini, 35