Correggio in Parma

Parma (PR)


Camera di San Paolo Correggio

The artistic history of the Renaissance in Parma was marked by the work of Correggio (1489-1534), whit masterpieces in various places in the historic center: in the National Gallery, Chamber of Saint Paul, Cathedral and in the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista.

We start our itinerary from the Pilotta Palace where, at the second floor, we find the National Gallery which contains many of the Corregio paintings.

Going out of the Palace and crossing the Piazzale della Pace, we take Strada Melloni and enter the gardens on the right side. Here it is the chamber used to be part of the abbess’ apartment in the Benedectine Convent of Saint Paul, realizedin 1519 at the order of Abbess Giovanna da Piacenza.

Coming back on the street we go left till the end of the street, than we turn on the right and to the first on the left to reach the most representative square of the city, Piazza Duomo.
Here, inside the Cathedral, Correggio painted the dome as well as in the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, the church placed behind the Cathedral.

From here, going back to Via Cavour direction Piazza Garibaldi, there will be a sculpture dedicated to Correggio, it is located in a niche of the Municipal palace on the square.