Across the Medieval monuments

Parma (PR)


Capitello Chiesa Santa Croce

In the historic center of Parma you can admire places and works related to the medieval period. In this itinerary you can visit some of the symbolic places of the city, with works from Middle Ages, starting from the historic center and arriving in the characteristic Oltretorrente area.

If you arrive in Parma by train you can easily walk to the historical center, it takes about 10 minutes. Get out of the station, walk through the station square and along Viale Bottego towards Strada Garibaldi, walk along Strada Garibaldi, when you reach Piazzale della Pace, a park at the feet of the Pilotta palace, on the right, turn left on Via Melloni, from here turn right to Via Cavour then take the first street on the left to Piazza Duomo.

The first stop is the square in front of the Cathedral, Piazza Duomo, where the three main buildings date back to Medieval times: the Baptistery by Antelami, the Cathedral and the Bishop’s palace. The latter, built between the 11th and 12th century, was actually altered several times until last restoration works, at the beginning of 20th century, gave it medieval features once again. Along the Vicolo del Vescovado, you can still see its original medieval tower and the entrance made of squared stones. Inside, we suggest you a visit to the Diocesan museum.

Behind the Cathedral is located the Church of St John the Evangelist and turning left into Borgo Pipa you will get to Piazzale Salvo D’Acquisto and the nearby Church of San Francesco.

Going back to Piazzale della Pilotta following Borgo del Parmigianino, you will get past the Stuard gallery including the small chapel St Paul, still showing medieval patterns and built in the 9th century, not long before the old church dedicated to the same saint and annexed to the Benedectine monastery.
Cross the meadow of Piazzale della Pace, go straight under the arches of the Pilotta palace and after crossing the bridge you will be in front of the gate of the Ducal park. After visiting the park, on the side opposite to the entrance, get out from the gate at the end of Via Kennedy and reach the Church of Santa Croce.

Eventually, go back to Garibaldi square by following Via D’azeglio, going past the Old Hospital.

And after this beautiful walk you just have to sit down for a tasty stop in one of the delicious restaurants or cafes in the historic center.