Handicrafts in Parma

Artigianato a Parma


The traditional handicraft in Parma:

Camiceria Zanini

via Garibaldi, 33 – tel. +39 0521283266
The shop has been tailoring shirts for men since 1939, with a wide choice of the best Italian fabrics and textiles, making a single finished shirt in three or four days.

Calzoleria Giacopelli
strada Cairoli, 17/a – tel. +39 0521230522
Tailor made shoes maker since, creating handicraft shoes and exdclusive models.

Cioccolato Banchini
Via La Spezia, 121 e Piazza Cesare Battisti, 9
tel. +39 3332814965 – 3491786693
Chocolate and icecream shop since 1879. Among their products: chocolate bars, Duchessa cookies.

viale Europa, 108/a – tel. 0521775602 – 0521775604
Leather handmade purses and bags, exclusively made in Parma since the 70s, with a modern and casual design, they are unique and original pieces.

Locale Parma
Via XXII Luglio , 22 – cell. +39 3492812874 –  tel. 0521207331
A small tailoring atelier created in 2015 in the heart of the city, making clothes, accessories and gadgets, everything made in Parma and Italy.

Mazzoni Creazioni Orafe
Strada Farini 64/b – tel. +39 0521231023 – 3282931104
The shop has been making jewels for over 30 years, created by the able hands of the Mazzoni family.

Nicoletta Belletti: art atelier
Strada Farini, 63 – tel. +39 3475945165
Various subjects such as animals, flowers and faces are portraited by the painter using an acrylic paste and a thick resin on canvas.Possibility of personalised paintings.

Pasta Venusti
Via Monte Molinatico, 10/a – tel. +39 0521967094
The pasta factory Venusti produces fresh pasta since 1984: cappelletti, gnocchi, chicche dellla nonna, herbs, pumpkin and potatoes tortelli.

Scrollavezza e Zanrè
Viale P. Toschi 6 – Tel. 0521207034
The atelier, created by Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè in Parma in the year 2002, creates, restores and sells string instruments. The workshop intends to carry on the tradition inherited by the lute maker Renato Scrollavezza

Violetta di Parma
The violet perfume was created and launched in 1870 by Lodovico Borsari, of the famous Borsari factory.
Flower symbol of the city, the violet of Parma was particularly loved by the Duchess Maria Luigia d’Austria, and it is now a renowned perfume and a delicious sugar candy.
The shop of the collection Borsari 1870 in Parma is located in the historical center: Parma color viola – Via Repubblica, 2/g – tel. +39 0521287226 – www.parmacolorviola.com – elisa.pioli@parmacolorviola.com

In the province:

Ceramica del ferlaro
Strada Priv. Burbelles, 4 , Collecchio – tel. +39 0521805348
Ceramics workshop where they create pottery at the lathe, using either red clay, perfect to remain rough, and the white one. The atelier is located at the entrance of the Ferlaro estate, in the area of Collecchio.