Antique shops district

43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 3495931077


The district of antiques shop is located in the historical centre of Parma, along the side streets of Strada Farini, Borgo al collegio Maria Luigia and Strada Repubblica: Via XXII Luglio, Via Nazario Sauro and others.

Shops for original objects, restoring laboratories, wood craftsmen, decoration, goldening and puttying…a real district of old works and traditions to discover and buy, for great affairs or just browsing.

The antique shops of the area are specialized in: jewellery, restoring, furniture and paintings, liberty fabrics, furniture of the ’50s-’60s-’70s, samples of the 20th century, Napoleon III, collecting, japanese art, decorative arts, prints and old manuscripts, books, frames, oil painting and lytographies, carpets from Persia old and new.

To reach the district by car we suggest to use the exchange parkings: motorway exit Parma center parking north, from Reggio Emilia parking east and from Piacenza parking west.

The city centre is Limited Traffic Area, here the information about parking.