Parma (PR)


are you looking for relax and good food? The movida time is arrived! After a working or studing day, after shopping or after the visit of a Museum or simply to talk with friends or waiting for the starting of the concert or theatre, the bars of the city centre are waiting for you to take an aperitif with a good cocktail and appetizer at the buffet. The bars of movida of Parma, from 7.00pm to midnight, are located in the streets of the centre among Via Farini, Piazza Garibadli, Piazza Ghiaia and Via D’Azeglio.

If you have not already any programme, after the aperitif the choice is among a dinner in the restaurant, pizzeria or pub or to go directly to the disco, to listen live music or to dance in a ballroom dance.

Download the list of the restaurants of the city center.
Download the list of discos and clubs.
Download the list of live music clubs, from jazz to rock to classic music.
Download the list of dancing ballrooms dance.