The ghost of the Rocca of Soragna

Soragna (PR)

Rocca di Soragna


In 1548 Cassandra Marinoni (Donna Cenerina) married Diofebo II Meli Lupi, marquis of Soragna.
While her husband was far away, engaged at war by Ottavio and Alessandro Farnese side, she ran all alone their little feud.
There, she took in her sister Lucrezia, who had married in 1560 count Giulio Anguissola, a violent man who had squandered all his fortune and had tried to poison his wife.

On the 18th of June 1573 Anguissola reached Lucrezia in Cremona with some armed men. Using a trick he entered her home, killed her and wounded Cassandra too, who was visiting her sister.
The following day Cassandra was brought to Soragna, where she died.
According to the Meli Lupi legends, her ghost, called Donna Cenerina (Ashen woman) because of her ash-coloured dresses, appears to announce the death of a member of the family.