Alexandre Ennemond Petitot

Architect, Ennemont Alexandre Petitot was born in Lyon in 1727 and died in Parma in 1801

Casinetto Petitot


French architect and designer Petitot was invited in 1753 by Guillaume Du Tillot, Inspector of Ducal Buildings in the Duchy of Parma and later Prime Minister, to become Court Architect to Philip, Duke of Parma.
On his arrival in the Duchy, Petitot was entrusted with the remodelling of the ducal summer residence in Colorno where he built the Venerie Royale, largely influenced by Soufflot’s Hôtel Dieu in Lyon, and decorated the ducal apartments. In the gardens he rebuilt the Great Stairway and designed pedestals for two colossal Roman statues.

Petitot contributed to give Parma a classical look, planning a new lay out for the Ducal park and the Stradone Martiri della Libertà with the Casino at its end and designing the façades of St. Peter’s Church, the Governor’s Palace and the gallery of the Palatine Library.