Niccolò Paganini

Great violinist, Paganini was born in Genova in 1782 and he died in Nizza in 1840.

Niccolò Paganini


The greatest violinist of his age, Niccolò Paganini exercised a strong influence on the developing technique of violin-playing and, through his virtuosity, on the ambitions of performers.
Born in Genoa in 1782, at first he studied there with his father.
From 1810 he travelled as a virtuoso, initially in Italy and then, from 1828, abroad, causing a sensation wherever he went, his phenomenal technique giving rise to rumours of diabolical assistance. His career went into partial decline from 1834, followed by a significant deterioration in health. He died in Nice in 1840.

Near Parma, in the small village of Gaione, you can find the villa Paganini bought in 1833 and where he used to play his masterpieces. The ancient building opens to the public only the last sunday of September, in occasion of the country fair.
Parma dedicated to the appreciated violinist the new Auditorium, designed by Renzo Piano and realized in 2001.