Padre Lino Maupas

Padre Lino was born in Spalato in1866 and died in Parma in 1924

Padre Lino


Padre Lino, whose real name was Alpinolo Ildebrando Imberto, was the son of Giovanni Maupas and actress Rosa Marini di Avezzano, the last of six brothers and four sisters.
His uncle Pietro Doimo Maupas, arcibishop of Zara, took care of his education at the Jesuits’ seminary until he became a Franciscan friar in 1888, taking the name Lino.

He arrived to Parma for the first time in 1891, joining the convent of the Santissima Annunziata in in 1893 and soon devoting himself to poor people, prisoners in jail and orphans.
He died in the house of Riccardo Barilla and his funeral was followed by a crowd of grateful citizens.