Diofebo Meli Lupi of Soragna

Noble family, one of the five great houses of Parma, which dates back to the twelfth century

Meli Lupi di Soragna


The Lupi family governed the feud of Soragna near the banks of the river Po, north of Parma, since 1198 and in 1530 it mixed with the noble Meli family from Cremona. In 1385 they built the Rocca of Soragna. Giampalolo I Meli Lupi, in fact, was born in 1508 from the noble Meli family of Cremona, the son of Giambattista and Ippolita Ponzoni, and after the death of his uncle Diofebo, the last of the Lupi family of Soragna, he inherited his feud.
A succession opposed by other heirs but accepted in 1536 by Emperor Charles V.

A wise man and a patron of arts, Giampaolo Meli Lupi promoted important changes in the village of Soragna and its fortress.
He commissioned the construction of walls around the village and transformed the 14th century fortress into a Renaissance palace with a wide garden, entrusting painter Nicolò dell’Abate, a master of Mannerism, with the decorations of the interiors.