Carlo Mattioli

Painter, Carlo Mattioli was born in Modena in 1911 and died in Parma in 1994

Carlo Mattioli


Born from a family of decorators, Carlo Mattioli began his studies at the local School of art in 1925 but soon moved to Parma to attend the Paolo Toschi academy.
A good friend of Attilio Bertolucci, Mario Luzi, Oreste Macrì, Giacinto Spagnoletti, from the 30’s to the 60’s he painted most of all nudes and portraits.

It is only after 1963 that he started to choose as subjects also still lifes and views of Parma from his home in Via San Nicolò.
In 1970 a huge exhibition of his works was hosted in the Scuderie of the Pilotta Palace.
After he died, Fondazione Magnani Rocca organized an exhibition of his works with a catalogue edited by Guanda.