Giovanni Lanfranco

Painter, Giovanni Lanfranco was born in Terenzo, near Parma, in 1582 and died in Rome in 1647

Giovanni Lanfranco


The most indipendent member of the Carracci family, Lanfranco was Agostino Carracci’s pupil and collaborator from 1597 to 1598 and from 1600 to 1602.
After Agostino’s  death, Duke Ranuccio sent him and Sisto Badalocchio to Rome to study with Annibale Carracci, who was working at the Farnese Gallery.

When Annibale fall ill in 1605, Lanfranco was entrusted to decorate the Camerino Degli Eremiti in the Farnese Palace. Thanks to Annibale, Lanfranco worked for several Cardinals and became one of Pope Paul V favourite artists, collaborating with Guido Reni.
He decorated the nacelle’s shovel in Saint Peter’s church, where he also painted the Cappella Del Crocifisso, and he frescoed the dome of  the church ofSant’Andrea In Valle.

From 1634 until 1635 he frescoed the dome of the Gesù Nuovo and of the Tesoro Del Duomo in Naples, where he lived for thirteen years.
In 1646 he went back to Rome, where he completed his last masterpiece: the fresco on the basin of apse in the church of St Carlo ai Catinari.
His oil painting La Chiamata Di San Matteo, also called Ritratto Di Gruppo, probably dating back to the last years spent in Rome, is on display at Bossi Bocchi palace, belonging the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation. S.Agata incarcere, in National Gallery and a Crocefissione in the Church of San Pietro in Porcigatone.