Jean Baptiste Boudard

French sculptor, Jean Baptiste Boudard was born in Paris in 1710 and died in Sala Baganza, near Parma, in 1768

Jean Baptiste Boudard


Jean Baptiste Boudard moved from Paris to Rome in 1733 after winning the Prix de Rome in 1732.
He executed a model in wax of the royal arms for the façade of the Palazzo Mancini, home of the Académie de France, and a marble copy of the Spinario, also contributed to the sculptural decoration of S Giovanni in Laterano.
After living in Rome, in 1748 Boudard joined Don Philip of Bourbon court in Chambèry and later moved with him to Parma Duchy.

In 1753 he was entrusted by minister Du Tillot to work for the new
Ducal park and the summer Palace in Colorno with Alexandre Ennemond Petitot who had just become court architect.
For the park he sculpted Bacchus, Ariadne, Zephyrus, Flora and Apollo, a set of the huge vases and the exquisite group of Silenus and Egle (1765).