Attilio Bertolucci

Attilio Bertolucci was born in 1911 in San Prospero, near Parma and died in 2000 in Rome

Attilio Bertolucci


He directed La Fenice, the foreign poetry series of the publisher Guanda, co-edited the literary journals Nuovi Argomenti and L’approdo letterario, and served as a consultant of the publisher Garzanti and as a collaborator for the cultural programs of the Italian radio.
Between 1929 and the early 1950s, Bertolucci published regularly books of poetry including Sirio (1929), Fuochi in novembre (1934), Lettera da casa (1951), La capanna indiana (1951), In un tempo incerto (1955), but did not publish a new book of poems until Winter journey in 1971.

Written largely during the years of the postwar economic miracle, it is regarded by many to be his most mature, experimental work, recollecting experiences of wartime migration and reflecting the successes, failures and sacrifices of the Italian mid-century.
The winner of many important literary prizes, including the Viareggio (1951 and 1989) and the Penna d’oro, in 1989 he won the Montale Prize and in 1992 the prestigious Academia dei Lincei.