Enrico Benassi

Painter, Benassi Enrico was born in Mezzani, near Parma, in 1902 and died in Parma in 1978

Enrico Benassi


Now renowned as a naive painter, Benassi had actually many jobs: he was a farm worker, a restaurant manager on the river Po and a haberdasher at the Ghaia market.
He also played the banjo, the guitar and the mandolin and in the 50’s with his 12 children forming a little orchestra, he wandered from fairs to dance halls to circles.

It was only the end of the 50s that he started to paint, influenced by the exoticism, the mosaics in Ravenna and by Egyptian finds. At first he copied them, but then he quickly elaborated his own fantastic world, full of colours and of irony.
Since the early 60’s he took part in many naïve art exhibitions, even abroad, and in 1988 an anthological exhibition was held in Parma.