Cecrope Barilli

Cecrope Barilli, painter, was born in Parma in 1839 and here he died in 1911

Cecrope Barilli


Born in Parma in 1839, talented painter Cecrope Barilli was entrusted by Prince Umberto I with the interior decorations at the Palazzo della Consulta, in Rome.
Working with Domenico Bruschi and Annibale Brugnoli, he executed the final phase of the decorations between 1870 and 1874, producing decorative floral works and a narrative celebrating industrial progress, thus reflecting the taste of Italy’s new monarchy.

Back to Parma in 1878, in 1886 he frescoed with Girolamo Magnani the ceiling of Parma Town hall.
His famous painting Cristo converte il pubblicano can be admired in the National Gallery.