Cesare Baglione

Painter, born in Cremona around 1550 he died in Parma in 1615

Cesare Baglione


Representing one of the best examples of Mannerist fantasy togheter with Bertoja, Cesare Baglione (Bologna or Cremona 1545 – Parma 1615) worked from 1565 to 1574 in Florence and later at the court of Duke Ottavio Farnese.
His grotesques and images inspired by the bible decorate the Charterhouse of Paradigna, also known as Valserena, as well as the Marazzani Palace in Piacenza.

From 1604 he worked at the ceiling decorations of the Ducal Palace, but the grotesque decorations in the Castle of Soragna
and in the Castle of Torrechiara are his real masterpiece.
Worth of notice are also his his last works,  the frescoes decorating the Church of San Sepolcro in Parma.