Alessandro Araldi

Painter, he was born in Parma in 1460 ca. and he died in Parma in 1528

Alessandro Araldi


Little is knowns about Alessandro Araldi, a painter from Parma who belonged to Mazzola workshop and was an assistant of Cristoforo Caselli. Influenced by Francia and Costa, he also borrowed from the moderate Bolognese classicism.
In 1500 he received the task of painting an ancona in St Quirino, now lost. From 1505 on he worked inside St Paul monastery for the abbesses Cecilia and Orsina Bergonzi and then for Giovanna da Piacenza.

From 1503 he lived in the St Paul building, where he died from the plague. In 1505 he went to Milan to study Leonardo’s Last supper and in 1510 he worked with Bianchino in the oratory of the Santissima Trinità dei Rossi. In the same year he painted both lost frescoes in the chorus of the Church of San Paolo’s nuns and the Dispute of Santa Caterina, in St Catherine’s cell. This is the most important decoration in the church together frescoes for Giovanna da Piacenza.

In the same year he painted the “Annunciazione” for the Carmine Friars to the expence of the layer Alberico Palmia. The painting is now in the National Gallery.
In 1516 he painted the dated altar-piece of Centani chapel, in the Cathedral and the “Annunciazione con Santa Caterina e San Sebastiano”, now in the national Gallery. Here there is also the “Natività”, a fresco painted for the Paradigna Cistercian Badia.