Parma Instagram tour

If the squared Instagram pictures are your passion, if you want to add some perfect photographs of the Parma historical center in your feed, we suggest you the best spots to capture the fascinating and unmissable corners and colours. Photo lover, blogger, vlogger or simply art and beauty enthusiast, this tour is for you.
You can also have a private guide to take you around, suggesting you where to stand for the perfect picture while narrating the city. Ask us how!
So, smartphone in your hand and get ready to update your Instagram profile or your travel digital journal!

We recommend to start from the heart of Parma that is Piazza Garibaldi, the main square where is also the Town hall and the Tourist office Parma welcome. From that side of the square, you have an amazing view of the Governor’s palace and the dome of the Steccata church, especially from under the arcades called “portici del Grano”, but also from the beginning of Strada Farini.
This pedestrian road suits particularly well to take photos of the Parma “dolce vita”, with its tables placed outdoor, the aperitivo ritual, but also to capture the trendy shops, the grocery store, the winery and the stunning windowcase of the Prosciutteria branded Parma city of gastronomy with the local gastronomic superstars on display.

Garibaldi e il Governatore Prosciutteria scorcio Steccata

Go back on Piazza Garibaldi and cut it diagonally towards left, take the passage between the Governor’s palace and Piazzale della Steccata. The shops on the right side have a useful mirror to play with for taking pictures of the impressive Church of Steccata.

Walking along Strada Garibaldi, on the left hand, you’ll see the Regio theatre. Magnificent are the glimpses from the church to the theatre and from the theatre towards the church, especially from between the pillared arcade.
Carry on and turn right on Via Pisacane. You will pass right beside the Central Post office, which is a beautiful and unique Liberty style palace, but the interior is jaw dropping. Take a look…we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

This street ends up on Strada Cavour then to Strada al Duomo.
From here, you can already shoot dozens of pictures, when you’ll get to the Piazza Duomo, you will run wild.
The best perspective are from the steps of the Baptistery, to include the Church of San Giovanni behind the Cathedral in the frame, or from the doorway of the Bishop palace, from the stoned lions of the Cathedral and from the corner in front of the Diocesan museum.
Right behind the Baptistery there’s the lovely Artusi la Salsamenteria and its tables outdoor.
Walk behind the Cathedral along the right side counterclockwise then turn right on Strada Sant’Anna, from there you will reach Piazzale San Francesco, where is the homonymous church with a fascinating history, the House of Music and the bench on which Giuseppe Verdi invites you for a selfie.

Strada al Duomo Verso San Giovanni Tcafé

Go back on Strada Garibaldi where you must have already seen the amazing Pilotta palace. You can capture it entirely from the Partisan monument.
While walking underneath the arcades, you’ll spot a water basin that has the shape of the former church that stood on the same location, the trees in the water are placed where the pillars of the church once were, the whole square is a project by the architect Mario Botta.
Under the second arcades, on the left, there’s a staircase that leads to the museums of the Pilotta. Pass the arches and turn around, isn’t it gorgeus?

Cross the bridge Verdi and you’ll arrive to the Ducal park. Before entering, you’ll spot a tower on the left, from here you’ll have a stunning glimpse of the Pilotta palace, by the way, this is also a perfect Kiss spot.
In the park we suggest you to capture the Ducal palace, maybe from the Pomona statue, the Sileno group sculpture and behind that, the amazing Tempietto di Arcadia.
You can then take a walk in the park and look for beautiful spots like the historical kiosk-café, up to the lake with the isle in the centre, then get out from the gate that leads to Via dei Farnese and reach Via D’Azeglio.

Ponte Verdi Parco Ducale Oltretorrente

You will be in the so called Oltretorrente district, do not miss the Church of the Annunziata from Via Imbriani (right there every Saturday morning there’s the farmers market) and Piazzale Corridoni with the monument to Filippo Corridoni portraited in an eternal fall, after being shot to death.
You may also arrive to the end of Via D’Azeglio and reach Piazzale Santa Croce, get safely to the fountain in the centre of the square and turn around to catch a great view of the Romanesque church on the Pilgrims’ route and the Paolotti towers. Not far from there there is Via della Salute, a road with two beautiful rows of multicoloured houses!

Getting back over the river, crossing the Bridge Mezzo, we suggest a stroll along the LungoParma, to shoot the Oltretorrente and its coloured and peculiar buildings. The benches along the river avenue are another unmissable Kiss spot.

Walk down via Mazzini, pass Piazza Garibaldi and take Strada della Repubblica, you can turn right onto the narrow Borgo Tommasini and left on Borgo XX Marzo, both feature wonderful  stores always decorated, especially during Christmas time.
Walk along Strada della Repubblica up to the end and you’ll get to the fountain, located in the middle of the roundabout, turn around and you’ll see a marvelous view through the water.

Lastly, not far from the fountain, there’s the Eridania Park, with its water basins full of lilies and the former sugar factory transformed into the Auditorium Paganini by the genius of the architect Renzo Piano.

Barriera Repubblica Parco Eridania

Bonus: take pictures of the numerous bicycles you’ll certainly see – the vehicle most loved by the Parma residents -the longest bicycle racks are located on Piazza Garibaldi.
Last but not least, the Parma gastronomy: it’s almost impossible to taste our specialties without taking a picture first!

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