Following the traces of memory

In the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Municipality of Parma and ISREC, Istituto Storico della Resistenza e dell’Età Contemporanea, together with the Jewish community of Parma presented the “Stumbling blocks” by the German artist Gunter Demning, creator of the project.
The initiative is already present in other European countries and it consists in incorporating, in the road surface of the city, a memorial for the residents who were deported to concentration camps by nazists between 1943 and 1944. In front of the last known residence or the work places of these victims, are placed these squared stones covered in brass, bearing the name, date of birth, date and place from which they were deported, as well as the date of death when it’s known.
The word “stumbling” is meant not in a physical intent, but visual and mental, to make people stop and reflect, even when casually passing by.

In 2017 these blocks were laid:
for the family Della Pergola three blocks in in via Pomponio Torelli 10;
for the Levi sisters two blocks in via Bixio 116;
for the family Polizzi four blocks in vicolo Santa Maria 6;
for the family Fano six blocks in strada del Quartiere 9.

In 2018, other blocks were laid:
for Nullo Foà one block on Piazza Garibaldi 1;
for Renzo Mosé Levi one block in via Cavallotti 30;
for Giuseppe and Sergio Barbieri two blocks in viale delle Rimembranze 36;
for Ulda Camerini one block in via Duca Alessandro 56.

The last blocks were laid on the 6th of February 2019 created by the students of the School of art “Paolo Toschi”, and will be eventually replaced by the original ones of the artist Gunter Demnig
for Samuel Spritzman one block in Strada Martiri della Libertà;
for Luigi Longhi one block in Via della Salute 46;
for Doralice Muggia one block in Strada dell’Università, 9;
for Ugo Franchini one block in Via Pellegrino Strobel.

At the Tourist office of Parma you can find a map with all the blocks locations.