Gravel Gourmet 2024

Place:Collecchio, Felino, Sala Baganza, and Traversetolo



This part of Emilia is strongly influenced by the Po plain but already allows you to breathe the Apennines. The nature of these gentle hills and the rivers of the valleys are dotted with castles and villages whose beauty is accentuated by their authenticity and hospitality.

You will be delighted with the most appreciated PGI and PDO products in the world such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma Ham as well as cured meats but without forgetting, of course, that the strong point of gastronomy in Emilia is fresh pasta, especially stuffed pasta.

From an oenological point of view, Lambrusco and Malvasia are the most characteristic grapes of the Colli di Parma DOC production.

Registrations from December 18, 2023 with a special price until January 31, 2024.