Tribes. The last breath on earth

Place:Chinese Art Museum

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The photo exhibition “Tribes. The last breath on earth”, already scheduled, has been presented at The Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography of Parma; open from February, 10 to April 30, 2021, postponed to August 30, 2021.

The Museum of the Xaverian Missionaries has long been involved to save the cultures born before modern technology, grown in isolation, never contaminated and now raped and dispersed. And the marriage with the photographer Arturo Delle Donne was then inevitable. Bodies are like artists’ canvases. They welcome shapes and colours. Then they show up and talk. Theirs is a strong and ancient language. Through the drawings on the skin, men have transmitted precious information for millennium: be a part of a tribe, the social rank, the will to attack the enemy, the imminence of a “marriage” or an initiation, a profound feeling like mourning or simply your own identity.

The artist recovers powerful tribal stylistic features from Papua New Guinea, Amazonia, Australia, Ethiopia, Peru, Burkina Faso, New Caledonia, reproducing them with care and precision on the faces of students, workers, young graduates, people taken from western mass everyday life. “In this project – she explains – I used a typical fashion style of photography to emphasize the analogy that exists between dressing for the Western world and wearing make-up for indigenous peoples”.

“Not by chance – says Father Alfredo Turco, director of the Museum of Chinese and Ethnographic Art – that the images of Delle Donne will be exhibited in a space close to the exhibition still on display ‘Mode nel mondo’, as well as in the dedicated space to the permanent collection, testifying to its centenary mission aimed to preserve and enhance non-European cultures ”.